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Beyond SEWP: Unveiling Joanne Woytek’s Stellar Journey

Step behind the scenes of government procurement with industry veteran Ms. Joanne Woytek, Program Manager for NASA SEWP. With over 42 years at Goddard Space Flight Center, Ms. Woytek leads the premier Government-Wide Acquisition Contract, providing access to cutting-edge ICT solutions.

Join us as Ms. Woytek opens up about her journey from NASA computer scientist to SEWP Program Manager. Delve into her personal life and discover the passions that drive her professional success.

Don’t miss this exclusive podcast interview where Ms. Joanne Woytek shares insights into her illustrious career, achievements, and the future of technology acquisition for Federal Agencies, while giving you a glimpse into her life beyond the office.


Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
02:25 Path to Program Director of NASA SEWP
06:09 SEWP Competing for SEWP VI
09:20 Should I Bid as a Prime?
11:30 First Transgender at NASA
15:30 50 Years In Government
16:53 Legacy for the Next Generation
21:00 Advice to the Government Contracting Community
24:13 To the One’s You Inspire


Ms. Joanne Woytek is the Program Director responsible for the strategic direction, planning and day-to-day operations of NASA SEWP – the premier Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Program providing Federal Agencies access to the latest in Information, Communication and Audio-Visual Technology solutions. Ms. Woytek is a 45+ year veteran at NASA.  Prior to SEWP, Ms. Woytek supported NASA’s scientific missions focused on systems administration, database management, and user application programming.  She has received numerous NASA awards including the Acquisition Improvement Award, and the Government Industry Cooperation Award and has also received the 2016 and 2020 Federal 100 Award, the Coalition for Government Procurement’s Lifetime Acquisition Excellence Award (2014), and the MAGIC Acquisition Excellence Award (2013).

The NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) Program enables NASA and all Federal Agencies to efficiently and effectively acquire mission critical Information Technology, Communication and Audio Visual (ITC/AV) solutions and services via a suite of contracts encompassing a diversity of business sizes and offerings. SEWP’s customized reporting, streamlined procurement processes, innovative applications, premier customer service, acquisition insight and Government/Industry partnership deliver the Best-in-Class value for the Federal Government.



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