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Photo Gallery: FORUM Innovation Awards 2023

On June 7, 2023 we held our 9th Annual FORUM HealthIT Innovation Awards and Networking Event. 

For all the wireframes and technology that comprise Health IT, the reality is that people are at the root of every solution. This foundation, whether it be the end user or the individuals conceptualizing and building programs, was addressed across all panels and discussions at FORUM’s HealthIT Innovation Awards Program.

The event, honoring the cutting-edge Federal Health Technology programs that drive innovation and results across a number of key Government agencies, was held Wednesday June 7th in Washington, DC. FORUM CEO, Susan Sharer, opened the day thanking everyone for the work they do and made a request for panelists to look into their “crystal ball” and share predictions and goals for Federal Health Technology in the coming years.

The panels did just that.

Colonel (retired) Bobby Saxon served as panel moderator for the day, ably guiding the panelists in sharing best practices and forecasting Health Technology priorities for their agencies.

“Having all these great minds in one room, is really something,” said Susan Sharer. “Their willingness to join us and offer a deep dive into the successes and failures of systems and ways to improve in order to better serve the public, is generous and inspiring.”

The first panel, entitled “Emerging Technologies to Meet Future Challenges,” was introduced by Kevin Seeley of GDIT and featured notables from across Federal public health agencies. Laura Alexanderson, Dept of VA; Jesus Caba, Ph.D., DoD; Mohammed Sohail Chaudhry, FDA and Andrea Fletcher, CMS, offered keen insights throughout the discussion, which stressed the importance of having the right people in the right positions to execute on both the Federal and Contractor side of projects as well as the focus on an effective user interface across the care continuum.

The next group included Dr. Thomas Osborne, Dept of VA; Colonel Sharon Rosser, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Center; and Alastair Thomson, NIH. The topic of “Working on the Next Generation of Health IT Innovations,” centered on data. The panelists discussed the challenge of bridging the gap between the massive data collected and interpreting that data in meaningful ways.

The last panel introduced by Karen Brazell of SAIC, focused on “Innovation, IT Modernization and Transformation.”  Captain Ivonne Arena, Defense Health Agency; Suzi Connor, CDC; and Dr. Neil Evans, Dept of VA examined the subtle differences and challenges involving innovation, modernization of current systems and transforming or shifting the way a system is looked at to solve a new problem.

Each panel was asked to expand on ways that industry can help Federal agencies successfully execute relevant technology. The answers ran the gamut, yet nearly every speaker mentioned the importance of partnerships, problem solving and trust.

Mohammed Chaudhry summed it up by saying the vital work recognized at the Health IT Innovation Awards, is a “team sport.”  It is evident–through the programs honored, the knowledge and experiences shared, and the standing room only attendance–that both Industry and Government share a dedication to and excitement for the future of Health IT.

See the list of award winners here.

Thank you to our panelists, moderators, sponsors, and those who attended this year’s HealthIT Innovation Awards. Here are some of the images that captured the event.





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