Friday, May 17, 2024

VA RFQ: Turnkey Stem Cell Processing Software

Notice ID: 36C24923Q0308


TVHS Pathology and Laboratory Service (P&L) is preparing to stand up an onsite cell processing laboratory at the Nashville VA Medical Center (VAMC) and is seeking to procure a Stem Cell Processing Laboratory Information System (Cell Processing LIS) to support that effort. Currently, TVHS utilizes a stem cell processing laboratory situated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and does not have a Cell Processing LIS. P&L service estimates a volume of 120 stem cell transplants each year to be completed once the new stem cell processing lab is up and running. P&L expects the number of transplants per year to steadily rise over time as the Nashville VAMC will be the only VHA facility with an in-house stem cell processing lab. TVHS will mainly be conducting autologous transplants (majority of workload) but will also need to be able to support allogeneic transplants and CAR T-cell therapy, the latter of which is anticipated to increase over the next three years in volume. TVHS requires a Cell Processing LIS to support the new stem cell processing lab at the Nashville VAMC. A Cell Processing LIS is needed to track cell manufacturing and inventory, support document retention, track critical supplies and reagents, support label printing and compliance, and help TVHS maintain compliance with respect to cell manufacturing processes. The Cell Processing LIS is critical for TVHS to stand up the stem cell processing lab and to maintain FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy) accreditation. TVHS is seeking to procure a Cell Processing LIS in Fiscal Year 2023 to support the effort of standing up a new stem cell processing laboratory at the Nashville VAMC.

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