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VA RFI: Clinical Surveillance Software

Notice ID: 36C26223Q1094


Scope: The services to be provided by the contractor under this agreement shall consist of a service contract that includes licensing, support and maintenance for Clinical Surveillance software. The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the deliverables described in the statement of work (SOW)

Services and Requirements: Contractor shall provide the following services for the required Software solution as requested:

  • Software Implementation which involves installing the application and testing the software.
  • Software Configuration by the contractor to allow settings in a manner ready to be used by the end users.
  • Software Validation to ensure that the software fulfills the desired use in an appropriate environment. The validation process involves activities like unit testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Interfaces with VA Vista System to provide real-time data
  • Work directly with the VHA OI&T/IRMS staff to address their issues with Contractor’s products.
  • Upon logging of a Remedy ticket and escalation to the VHA OI&T/IRMS staff, work with the VHA end-users to address their issues.
  • Contractor shall respond to reported issues by the Agency in accordance with this document and within the response times defined in this document.
  • Help the VHA OI&T/IRMS and/or Biomed staff configure the required software product to meet the VHA’s and/or end-users needs.
  • Advise the VHA OI&T/IRMS and/or Biomed staff as a subject matter expert as it relates to required software product and their configuration in internal meetings, new software installations, and end-user activities.
  • Help the VHA OI&T/IRMS and/or Biomed staff on issues involving required software product’s infrastructure requirements including hardware, bandwidth, and best practices.

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