Tuesday, May 30, 2023

NIH CSR seeks Chief, SPI Branch


  • Oversee, develop, and implement comprehensive portfolio and project management processes designed to address current state or inform on areas of concern, map process improvement activities, and track the implementation of new investments.
  • Provide leadership for the expanding use of information resources as a major goal of CSR?s strategic goals.
  • Identify opportunities, challenges, and risks, and develop standardized, streamlined business processes and workflows that align with platform solution requirements.
  • Serves as a partner in the development of CSR’s Strategic IT Plan that includes budget requirements to ensure linkage to CSR’s revitalization goals.
  • Lead engagement activities between stakeholders, management, and IT development teams to strengthen relationships, gain understanding of the needs and issues impacting CSR.
  • Aid in prioritizing IT projects such as business intelligence, security, mobile applications, productivity tools, and social networking websites, and ensure alignment with the strategic objectives.
  • Serve as supervisor of a team consisting of Program Analysts, Lead IT Specialists, IT Specialists, and contract support.

Read the full job description here.

G2X TAKE: Those who support the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Center for Scientific Review (CSR) may want to influence who applies for this role with the Strategic Planning and Implementation (SPI) Branch that Identifies, develops, and oversees holistic large-scale IT initiatives that modernize, support and advance CSR’s immediate and long-term strategic business objectives and enterprise architecture goals, and serves as a guiding arm and resource for CSR’s cybersecurity and enterprise system efforts.


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