Friday, June 14, 2024

How Whole Person Care is Shaping the Healthcare Industry

In this podcast, Amy Mosher-Garvey, a Leidos Healthcare leader, discusses the importance of whole-person care and the infrastructure needed to support it. She explains how whole person care brings together data from multiple providers and multiple sources, including sociological and economic sources, and how whole person care uses smart data visualization to deliver actionable insights that go beyond the standard electronic health record (EHR) widely used in Healthcare today.

About Amy Mosher-Garvey, Performance Impact Director, Leidos

As an experienced Healthcare improvement professional with a background in behavioral and population health, Amy Mosher-Garvey’s work spans the Government and commercial Healthcare arenas. In the Government arena, she has worked with Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM) to implement MHS GENESIS, the new EHR for the Military Health System (MHS). In the commercial arena, Amy is a leader in leveraging technology to inform quality and operational improvement in Healthcare and developing behavioral health integration strategies. 

About Leidos

At Leidos, we believe today’s complex health challenges call for revolutionary problem-solving. Our unique position as a technology company with deep health and life sciences expertise equips us to transform patient care and provider and payer operations, in both commercial and government health organizations. From IT and systems integration to life sciences, managed health services, and clinical solutions and services, Leidos charts the course for the future of health. 


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