Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Securing Mobile Devices in the Public Sector

The public sector is ramping up efforts to manage mobile device security risks. The House recently released a draft of the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a measure requiring the Secretary of Defense to evaluate the services available to help the DOD secure mobile devices.

Today on Keeping IT Brief, Jim Coyle, U.S. Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, Lookout discusses how with the rise of BYOD policies in government, criminals are using increasingly sophisticated tactics and malware-as-a-service kits to target agencies’ mobile devices and steal sensitive data. Most alarmingly, the timeline for these attacks has accelerated dramatically—from months to minutes. As such, agencies must ensure proper security practices are in place to protect employee mobile devices and defend national security.


Jim Coyle, U.S. Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, Lookout

Jim Coyle serves as the US Public Sector CTO at Lookout, drawing upon two decades of hands-on experience in cybersecurity to assist government agencies in fortifying their defenses. Jim is a cyber security industry thought leader, delving into geopolitical cyber issues, emerging threats, defense tactics, and industry developments, offering valuable insights cultivated throughout his career.

Lookout, Inc.

Lookout, Inc. is the data-centric cloud security company that uses a defense-in-depth strategy to address the different stages of a modern cybersecurity attack, which now starts with mobile. Data is at the core of every organization, and our approach to cybersecurity is designed to protect that data within today’s evolving threat landscape no matter where or how it moves. People — and human behavior — are central to the challenge of protecting data, which is why organizations need total visibility into threats in real time, starting with the mobile endpoint. The Lookout Cloud Security Platform is purpose-built to stop modern breaches as swiftly as they unfold, from the first mobile phishing text to the final cloud data extraction. We are trusted by enterprises and government agencies of all sizes to protect the sensitive data they care about most, enabling them to work and connect freely and securely.


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