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Breaking Barriers: Julie Vida’s Journey in Defense and Technology

Join us on #GovCom Unfiltered as we explore the remarkable career of Julie Vida, VP of Defense Growth at ManTech. Julie leads teams in delivering advanced technology solutions for military and defense clients.

With 24 years of service in the US Navy, Julie retired as a Commander, earning the Navy Air Medal for her bravery during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. She transitioned to the tech sector, taking on key roles at Splunk and Gartner, and ending her military career as the Navy’s Deputy CIO at the Pentagon. Julie shares her experiences transitioning from the military to tech, mentoring veterans, and advocating for women in STEM.

Tune in to #GovCom Unfiltered for an inspiring episode with Julie Vida, filled with insights and stories from her distinguished career.

Julie Vida

Julie Vida is a technology and business executive specializing in the government and public sector space. She is the VP, Defense Growth at ManTech, leading teams who expand opportunities to deliver high end technology and engineering solutions for military Services and defense agency clients. Prior to joining ManTech, she held VP roles in advisory and consultative selling at both Splunk and Gartner, targeting executive engagement with federal government Chief Information Officers (CIO) and IT senior leaders. She served honorably for 24 years in the US Navy, retiring as a Commander in 2012 before her career pivot to technology in the private sector. Initially an Enlisted Russian linguist, she switched tracks to the Officer community and earned her commission from the US Naval Academy in 1994. She served as both a Surface Warfare Officer and Naval Aviator (helicopter pilot) in various combatant ships and helicopter squadrons. Her highest military award is the Navy Air Medal, recognizing her superior airmanship and bravery in armed conflict, earned during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Her final role in government was the Navy’s Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Pentagon.

Julie regularly mentors and guides transitioning veterans as they leave the service. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging women and girls in technology, speaking at events to encourage pursuing STEM career fields, building confidence, and learning through setbacks. A lover of word puzzles and trivia games, she is a former champion of two televised game shows, “The Weakest Link” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

00:00 Intro

2:21 Current Role and How Did I Get Here?

5:55 Only Woman in Your Class

9:57 Gonna Run for President: What’s Next?

13:39 Confidence

16:01 Innovation at ManTech

20:40 What Did You Learn First in Your Role and What’s the Most Important Part? 28:20 What Do You Like Best About Your New Role?

31:15 What Does the Next 5 Years Look Like?

33:44 Biggest Contribution Contractors Make to the Industry

36:07 Two Pieces of Advice

37:54 Your Superpower: How Did You Know When You Found It?

Tune in to #GovCom Unfiltered for an inspiring episode with Julie Vida, filled with insights and stories from her distinguished career.

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