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Winning Federal Bids: Insights from Debi McGhee

Dive into the world of federal capture consulting with industry veteran, Debi McGhee. Debi leads Red Team’s capture consulting practice, overseeing active projects and delivering top-tier support directly to clients.

With over 25 years of experience in business development and proposal management, Debi has a proven track record of helping companies win competitive bids. Debi will share her insights on upcoming federal procurement trends and innovative strategies to enhance capture consulting quality. Learn how she collaborates with senior executives and subject matter experts to develop winning proposals, from small task orders to multi-million-dollar opportunities.

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable knowledge from a seasoned professional who has shaped the strategic direction of multiple firms. Tune in to #GovCom Unfiltered for an enlightening conversation with Debi McGhee.


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Debi McGhee

General Manager – Capture

Red Team

Debi McGhee leads Red Team’s capture consulting practice. In this capacity, she oversees active capture consulting projects and delivers capture support directly to clients. Through staying abreast of upcoming federal procurement trends, she continues to identify and implement ways to improve the quality of our capture consulting, to improve clients’ chances of winning competitive bids.

Debi is an accomplished business development and proposal executive in the professional services industry, with more than 25 years of experience in hands-on response to government and commercial procurements. She created and led multiple proposal organizations for companies in a variety of disciplines. Debi directs teams of capture and proposal development professionals providing support to bids ranging from small task orders to multi- million-dollar opportunities.

Debi works collaboratively with senior executives, capture managers, business developers, functional leads, and subject matter experts to develop and deliver innovative and compliant proposals to meet customer requirements. As a Senior Manager in a several small businesses, Debi has helped lead the strategic direction of the firm to ensure stability and growth. Debi provides leadership in the areas of win theme development, solutioning, orals coaching and overall proposal strategy. Additionally, Debi developed and conducted corporate proposal training to help employees learn about the proposal process and how to write effective and winning proposals.


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