Saturday, December 2, 2023

Being the Ringmaster of Your Future with Jennifer Folsom

Today we discuss making an IMPACT in business all while growing a family, with author and business dynamo Jennifer Folsom.

Jennifer Folsom is a dynamic, high-energy leader with a proven record of growing all sizes of professional services firms while growing a family. She is the Vice President of Growth at ICF, a Washington, DC- based global management consulting firm primarily serving Federal civilian agencies.

A human capital expert, she leverages a people-centered approach to drive revenue in organizations from start-up to Big 4. An-oft quoted expert in corporate culture, Jennifer promotes the notion that the multiple in firm valuation starts with the people. Her colleagues cite one of her greatest strengths as the “ability to cut through the noise to solve an issue.”

She’s also the mom of 3 sons, 21-year-old twins and a 16-year old-firecracker. She is the author of RINGMASTER: Work, Life, and Keeping it All Together and is a regular contributor to ForbesWomen and MSNBC’s platform for professional women.


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