Wednesday, June 7, 2023

VA Sources Sought: Perioperative (PeriOp) Planning Software (PPS)

Notice ID: 36C26223Q1158


VISN 22 (Tucson, Greater Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Loma Linda, Phoenix, Long Beach, and San Diego) seeking sources to provide a Brand Name or Equal annual subscription PPS System for scheduling, tracking, and managing daily operating room (OR) operations and procedures through integration with Veterans Health Integrated Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) / Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS).

Surgical Solution Application Requirements:

  1. Collect procedure specific data (start/stop times, room open/room closed, first case starts, turnaround time, OR utilization, OR block time, overtime, out of block utilization, surgeon/anesthesia arrival time) via clicker to eliminate mistyping and data entry errors.
  2. Collect data from the OR, e.g. “Time Out ” with the use of a wireless device inside the operating room thereby eliminating keyboarding errors.
  3. Display overall information on the perioperative process and progress of the patient through the process in the OR on multiple screens and for multiple audiences in order to maintain privacy requirements when/where necessary. Each display screen should display only the relevant information for each patient in each of the following areas: patient check in, preop / day surgery, operating room, family waiting room, OR control desk / command center, and SPS.
  4. Have the ability to schedule patients for surgery.
  5. Have the ability for bi-directional integration with VistA and Cerner.
  6. Have a schedule board view and allow for “drag and drop” to reschedule patients on any day of surgery.
  7. Have an appointment book view (both daily and monthly views) that can display if a given surgery schedule block is at capacity or not.

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