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T4NG2 RFP Update: Latest Q&A posted and Proposal Date Revised

Notice ID: 36C10B23R0011


Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation 2 36C10B23R0011 Questions and Answers April 21, 2023 — The purpose of this posting is to release a subsequent set of Questions & Answers. The proposal due date/time remains as 1 p.m. Eastern Time on April 24, 2023. Note: The answers provided below are for informational purposes, to assist potential offerors in preparing proposals, and such answers do not themselves constitute an amendment to the Solicitation. Where questions and answers necessitated such an amendment, such changes have been or will be incorporated into a formal amendment to the Solicitation. To the extent that any answers provided below conflict in any way with the Solicitation and any Amendments, the final solicitation takes precedence. Finally, please note that multiple questions of a similar nature may have been combined by the Government into a single question and answer; therefore, the specific question that was submitted may not be listed.

Read more here.

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