Thursday, March 30, 2023

VA RFI: Optimizing Healthcare Value Program (OHVP) Support Services

Notice ID: 36C10X23Q0093


The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) established Optimizing Healthcare Value Program (OHVP) to objectively evaluate the end-to-end processes for developing, implementing and sustaining large, complex VHA health care innovations and modernizations to facilitate adoption and determine valuation. OHVP performs various measurement assessments and analyses on specially selected health care programs, products, and processes to ensure they are effective and/or meet the needs of VHA stakeholders and ultimately provide business value to VHA.

OHVP measurement assessments are accomplished through two (2) service lines consisting of six (6) operational units. (1) Measurement and Evaluation consists of Stakeholder Impact and Experience, System Impact and Analysis, Benefits Realization Value. (2) Investment Analysis and Value consists of Learning Optimization, Program Integration and Value and Impact.

The contractor shall perform this work in various work settings to include clinical/healthcare delivery environments, administrative, operational and logistical environments. OHVP findings are intended to be used to validate investment decisions, provide accountability, identify gaps and challenges, and support continuous improvement of VHA mission critical health information, health informatics, and internal process improvement projects. OHVP uses a rigorous process to conduct their assessments which ultimately informs decision making by senior program leaders, toplevel agency leadership, and members of Congress. These decisions have a direct impact on the success of the mission and most importantly on the provision of health care services to Veterans. The contractor is required to exercise critical thinking, perform deep analysis, provide comprehensive and detailed problem statements and hypothesis and articulate the messaging of salient information at an executive level which includes bottom line up front (BLUF) information in plain language from a business value perspective…

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