Thursday, March 30, 2023

DHA USAMRDC RFI: Strategic Planning and Campaign Plan Development and Implementation

Notice ID: PANMRA22P0000006870


This RFI/SS is issued solely for information and planning purposes to determine the number and socioeconomic size of sources capable of meeting the upcoming requirement for the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC), Office of the Deputy to the Commanding General, and Plans, Programs, Analysis, and Evaluation (PPAE). The overall scope of this requirement is expected to provide MRDC with Strategic Planning Capability.

  1. Strategic Planning Capability. The strategic planning capability will encompass internal business process and management improvement, alignment of MRDC investments and resources to Army and Joint priorities during and after transition to DHA, Command level strategic message development and nested Direct Reporting Unit (DRU) strategic message development, financial structure and resource management process and management improvement.

This effort is intended to develop and implement a Command level (business) Campaign Plan.  This effort will:

  1. Review and assess MRDCs current strategic position (mission, resource alignment, business processes etc.).
  2. Develop and prioritize objectives and initiatives necessary for MRDC to reorient its strategic position.
  3. Establish timelines and metrics to measure progress.
  4. Manage the implementation of initiatives, conduct strategic reviews to ensure plans stay on track and serve as a force multiplier to lead and/or assist in implementing the initiatives.
  5. Evaluate goals and initiatives and continuously refine the plan.
  6. Strategic Consulting.  Provide MRDC Senior Leaders with guidance and advice on organizational transformation, organizational transition, strategic planning, workforce management, organizational process and integration with Department of Defense and Army level processes at the strategic level.

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