Saturday, March 25, 2023

Implementing CX and HCD for Meaningful Change in the Healthcare Landscape

On this episode, we talk with Rita Breen, Agile and Human Centered Design Practices Director at National Government Services, about efforts in Federal Healthcare to make services and processes easier to obtain and understand. This is achieved, in part, through customer experience (CX) and human centered design (HCD).

In December 2021, President Biden published an Executive Order that mandated federal agencies to adopt the CX approach in their primary strategy and operations. With December’s EO and the recent news from OMB, the White House wants to fundamentally change the way Americans access government services and benefits by focusing on the life experiences of those seeking assistance.

About Rita Breen, Human Centered Design Practices Director, National Government Services

In her current position as the Agile and Human Centered Design Practices Director at National Government Services, Rita’s primary goal is to solve mission-critical challenges for federal patients and customers. She has nearly two decades of project management (PM) experience and has been a part of the NGS team since 2018. Rita mainly supports the technical PMs and HCD teams that drive the customer-centered approach to FedHealth IT. She and the team focus on solving major pain points while bolstering product quality and improving customer experiences across the board. Rita is truly passionate about identifying the key needs of citizens, setting actionable metrics and learning to meet them with empathy and understanding.

About National Government Services

For more than 50 years, National Government Services has been empowering federal healthcare agencies to improve lives and communities. Its core business areas include digital health, providing federal IT solutions and services for healthcare, and business process Solutions. This includes its role as a Medicare contractor for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Part of the Anthem family of businesses, NGS is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and employs more than 1,500 associates across the country.



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