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How HHS IT Leaders Are Considering Effective AI Adoption

“Federal agencies are increasingly looking to harness artificial intelligence within their core services. One of the major challenges toward adopting AI is successfully integrating it within core services, and advocates for automated technologies have put together key steps to help smooth the process.”

“Agencies are currently focusing a significant part of their AI adoption in low-value, administrative tasks so they can prioritize cognitive, creative and other high-value work across the federal workforce. Amid this sentiment, many AI advocates across government are identifying where AI can best fit business values and building initial efforts from there.”

“’It’s the tiny things that, at scale, make a ton a difference — making sure that a forum gets to the right office, making sure that we’re able to track and capture what kind of questions we get asked most so that we can constantly update our FAQs in our chat bots with those answers,’ GSA Centers of Excellence Federal AI Implementations Lead Anil Chaudry said at a Digital Government Institute event Thursday.”

“But even with the business use cases in mind, Department of Health and Human Services AI Program Lead Sanja Basaric added that most AI projects tend to fail, largely due to bias in data, algorithms or the teams managing them. Basaric added that it is therefore critical to ensure that the data initially used in algorithms, as well as the governance that surrounds data, is shaped for successful AI adoption.”

“’Data is not information, and information is not insight, so when you understand where the data resides, who owns it, how to make it machine readable, how to standardize it, and then what are the data-sharing policies that govern it — if you look at a lot of the policies around data in the government, they were written before AI was even something we could fathom,’ Basaric said…” Read the full article here.

Source: How Federal IT Leaders Are Considering Effective AI Adoption – By Melissa Harris, June 3, 2022. GovCIO.


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