Saturday, March 25, 2023

Aiding Government Agencies in Accomplishing CX and Service Delivery

In an Executive Order by President Biden in December 2021, Government must focus on the design and delivery of services, while putting people at the center of these decisions. On today’s podcast, we have a discussion with Suzanne Boyd, CEO, and Founder of Anthro-Tech about the importance of putting people at the center of everything companies do. This is a change not everyone is going to love, but in the end, it will help Federal Government Agencies be more efficient and effective in delivering usable and accessible services and solutions to improve people’s lives.

About Suzanne Boyd, CEO, and Founder, Anthro-Tech

Suzanne is the Founder and CEO of Anthro-Tech. She has more than 20 years of experience in leading user-centered design and customer research initiatives for government agencies, non-profits, and organizations with a social impact mission. As a trusted advisor for many clients, Suzanne has a proven track record in successfully positioning user-centered design as a catalyst for delivering better customer experiences and helping organizations make the shift to customer-centric business processes and cultures. She is a thought leader and expert in institutionalizing user-centered design, cross-channel customer experience, and E-Government strategy.

About Anthro-Tech

Anthro-Tech is a human-centered design consultancy focused on government agencies, nonprofits and enterprises with a social impact mission. We provide user-centered design strategy, user research, and user experience design to organizations throughout the region and across the nation. We help organizations gain a deep understanding of their customers through research to design products and services that are usable, useful and make a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. Anthro-Tech has extensive experience leading customer strategy initiatives and transforming organizations to be more customer-centric.


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