Tuesday, May 30, 2023

VA RFI: National File Scanning for VHA EHR

Notice ID: 36C10G22Q0096

“Introduction: The intent of this acquisition is to obtain enterprise-wide services for the scanning and/or importing, indexing and incorporation of paper and electronic documents into the VHA EHR as electronic image files. Although VHA has transitioned to electronic health records, occasionally legacy paper forms and paper-based administrative and clinical workflows result in paper documentation which must be incorporated into Veterans’ health records. Additionally, due to Veteran eligibility for care provided outside of VA in the community, VA facilities regularly receive clinical documentation from community providers which requires incorporation into the EHR.”

“The BPAs are intended to augment facility clinical documentation imaging capabilities and may be used to mitigate scanning backlogs resulting from unexpected staffing shortages or process changes.”

“Objective: In order to provide world-class healthcare to Veterans, by ensuring an accurate, timely, clinically pertinent, readily accessible health record is maintained, VHA wishes to obtain cost-effective, enterprise-wide services for the scanning and/or importing, indexing and incorporation of paper and electronic documents into the VHA EHR as electronic image files in a manner that efficiently augments facility capabilities.”

“Scope of Work: Contractor shall provide all resources necessary to scan/import and accurately index designated paper and/or electronic documentation for inclusion into the EHR in accordance with VA standards and requirements. Work to be completed will involve source documentation generated by VA and/or community providers depending on each site’s needs as outlined in individual task orders (TO), which will be issued at the facility level. VHA facilities may have differing processes and workflows related to document processing, so varying levels of effort shall be required for each of the facilities. All work will be completed utilizing VA approved software and depending on the site, may involve working in different EHR platforms. The volume of work may also vary in the document sets needing to be scanned at any given time, so estimates for work to be done, as well as the place of performance (either on site or remote), shall be determined at the TO level.”

“Services not included in this BPA are as follows:

  • It is not expected that special considerations shall be made for diagnostic quality imaging. The digital capture of x-rays or other diagnostic media is not within the scope of work. Digital capture of x-rays or other diagnostic media received from non-VA sources shall be sent to the Radiology Service.
  • Document destruction by the Contractor is not included in the scope of services.
  • Contractor storage of records or electronic files is not part of the BPA.
  • Scanning/digitizing federal agency records other than records related to the Veteran health record is not included in the scope of services in this BPA.
  • Scanning/digitizing clinical documents and providing image files in a shared environment outside of the medical record as the end result is not part of the BPA. Contractor shall be required to complete the scanning process for the electronic document by incorporating, indexing, and associating the scanned image with a consult (if needed) in the VA’s EHR…”

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