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Most Viewed Interviews and Podcasts for the Second Half of 2021 – Part One

COVID: Four Lessons from the Pandemic We Must Take Forward
This interview with Milad Bahrami, Senior Vice President & General Manager – Government Health & Safety Solutions at Leidos looks at four key takeaways from COVID and the lessons we must take forward to continue to drive Federal Healthcare.

Understanding the Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) challenge
This interview with Theresa Kinney, Deputy Program Manager and Director for Operations and Communications with NASA SEWP looks at the impetus behind Crosswalk; the Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) challenge; an upcoming event; and what Government and industry need to know to move forward.

Keeping IT Brief Podcast: Tech Talk with CMS
A Tech Talk with CMS was one of the highlights of the 2021 FedHealthIT Innovation Awards. Listen to the podcast with Quentin Tyson, Chief Technology Officer in the Information System Group, Center for Clinical Standards and Quality within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services here.

Resolving the Health Equity Challenge, and the Role of the Private Sector
This interview with Tom McNeal, VP of the Partner Channel and Public Sector for Neustar, discusses equity and disparities nationwide, how to ensure that efforts are focused on defining the scope of inequity, and defining or expanding programs to make actionable progress on providing Healthcare to Americans.

Understanding the Role of the Federal CIO – and the Role of Industry
This interview with John B Owens II, a Senior Vice President within CGI Federal’s Emerging Technologies Practice, leverages his nine years as CIO at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and discusses the role of the Federal CIO; challenges; advice for new CIOs; and advice for industry in supporting the role.

How Industry can Help Avoid an AI Winter in Healthcare
This interview with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Chief Medical Officer Kevin Vigilante and Principal Joachim Roski looks at the term AI Winter; the opportunities for AI in Federal Health; the challenges to AI adoption and next steps for industry.

Understanding the Role of the Federal CIO and Insights for Industry
This interview with Mark Forman, Executive Vice President at Dynamic Integrated Services and former Administrator of the Office of E-Government and IT (a position now known as the Federal Government’s CIO), discusses TMF, the impact of COVID-19 on IT, FinTech, the ongoing security challenge, and the confluence of opportunity for modernizing and simplifying the business of Government.

Keeping IT Brief Podcast: A Look At Democratizing Data with VA
The team focused on the Democratizing Data project are addressing the challenges of leveraging vast amounts of VHA clinical data to better understand, present, and respond to Veteran issues. Amanda Purnell, a Clinical Data Specialist for the Care and Transformational Initiatives Portfolio of the VHA Innovation Ecosystem discusses how excited the team is to win a 2021 Innovation Award.


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