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Most Viewed Interviews for 2019

Included below are the Most Viewed Interviews for 2019, based on metrics from the G2X Daily Take Newsletter.

Delivering Quality Care for Veterans: A Conversation with a Former VA COO
Himanshu S. Singh, M.D. joined DSS, Inc. as the Director of Medical Informatics in April of 2018. He had worked in the VA for over 18 years, with his last 8 years in a senior leadership role. The following conversation discusses innovation in Veteran care, challenges that remain, and the concept of Whole Health.

Robotic Process Automation with Jim Walker of UiPath
Robotic Process Automation (commonly known as RPA) is a hot topic in the Federal Government. G2Xchange’s Tim Harvey chatted about this disruptive technology with Jim Walker, who offers a unique perspective on the subject. Jim put the first RPA Bot into production in the Federal Government two years ago while working at the NASA Shared Services Center and he now serves as the Federal Chief Technology Officer with UiPath, one of the leading RPA companies in the marketplace.

Q&A: Steven L. Lieberman, Acting Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Veterans Health Administration
This Q&A with Steven Lieberman, Acting Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Veterans Health Administration, discusses the status of the Cerner Implementation, EHR Pilots, VHA’s activity in health IT, the MISSION Act and the future of Healthcare.

VA’s System of Systems – Getting from There to Here and Beyond
This interview with two senior leaders from VA’s Office of Information and Technology: Drew Myklegard, Acting Executive Director for Demand Management, and Daniel McCune, Executive Director for Application Management, talks about, the shift to APIs, challenges in moving forward, and the future.

Dawn Halfaker: The Way Forward in Transforming Healthcare IT
FedHealthIT’s Executive President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to sit down with Halfaker President and CEO Dawn Halfaker to discuss her firm’s success and what is at the heart of her mission.

VA’s Dr. Paul Tibbits: EHRM requires Cloud, Infrastructure and Collaboration
In this interview, Dr. Paul Tibbits, Executive Director of the Office of Technical Integration within Veterans Affairs, talks about moving to the cloud, preparing infrastructure for EHRM and the rollout.

How Agencies like CMS and HHS are Embracing HCD and Why it’s Worth the Time
G2Xchange had the chance to sit down with Mike Deutsch, Chief Growth Officer at CollabraLink and the company’s Vice President of User Experience, Sean Fitzpatrick, to discuss Human Centered Design and why it is a vital part of agency modernization strategies.

VA’s Solor – Bringing Seamless Care to Veterans and Beyond
In this interview, the founder of Solor, Dr. Keith Campbell, Director of Informatics Architecture at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), shares an update on this innovative interoperability solution.

Success in Blockchain with HHS
FedHealthIT’s Executive President, Susan Sharer sat down with Cesar Tavares, Octo Consulting’s Sr. Director of Technology, to discuss a recent blockchain initiative at HHS.

A Look Inside VA, HHS, DHA partner and Best For Vets Employer, LMI
FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to sit down with LMI’s Whitney Owen, Director, HHS and CMS Market; and Andrew Mannetti, Director, Business Development, to discuss the company’s history, growth, and unique partnership with Government.

DHA’s CIO: Transforming the Business of Providing Information Technology
Pat Flanders, CIO (J-6) at DHA, discusses his army of Cost Warriors, the benefits of Ektropy, broad standardization across the MHS, cyber defense, and device security.

VA CTO: More Than IT Modernization
This interview with Charles Worthington, Acting Chief Technology Officer with the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information and Technology, discusses IT Modernization, some of VA’s successes, next steps, and the future.


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