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Vini Ehsan: Above and Beyond

By Abigail Smith,

As Founder, President, and CEO of Arch Systems, Inc. in Baltimore, MD, Vini Ehsan proclaims giving “all” of herself to her company’s success, asserting that “most times, you need to give to get.” She has done this for the past ten years by committing resources at Arch Systems to deliver high-quality, cost-effective IT strategies in the Federal Health community.

FedHealthIT: What are some of the biggest areas of need/opportunity across the Federal Health sector in 2016 as we enter 2017 with a new administration?

Vini Ehsan: New legislation such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), present an exciting opportunity across the Federal Health sector as value-based payment models transform the traditional fee-for-service model into a payment system based on clinical quality. Not only does this bring true payment reform, but it also induces a shift in all business lines across the healthcare delivery landscape, from how claims are paid, how value and efficiencies are measured, to how program integrity is demonstrated (to name a few). The focus on value and quality certainly isn’t a new concept for HHS, but the momentum that’s brought on by MACRA shifts these goals into a much higher gear.

[su_pullquote align=”left”]The health sector’s success depends upon small business entrepreneurs with experience and expertise. [/su_pullquote]In tandem with this new legislation, we are also acutely aware of the enormous potential to combine the needs and operations at the front line of care delivery with IT solutions developed with the end-user and stakeholders in mind.  As a result, I believe that the biggest challenge is to design IT solutions that meet the clinical and quality performance objectives, and that those solutions are sustainable for the long-term.

The health sector’s success depends upon small business entrepreneurs with experience and expertise (EEE). The triple E combination is a powerful one because it means personal commitment to the future success of our country’s healthcare.”


FedHealthIT: Where will you be spending your time?

Vini Ehsan: I will be fostering those components of Arch that I believe truly distinguish us from the rest of the industry.  In doing so, I will be in growing the close collaboration between clinical subject-matter experts (SME) and IT folks to develop powerful and sustainable solutions that resolve complex health sector challenges. We are also very focused on achieving success through partnership with government and industry.


FedHealthIT: Are there any other sweet spots that keep your attention?

Vini Ehsan: Always for us, it’s understanding and ensuring the integrity of data supporting value-based purchasing. We will also very closely monitor any reforms for forecasting, regardless of which administration comes into being. We need to make sure that our country will meet changing needs for quality healthcare and its improvements by always expanding our footprint.


FedHealthIT: What advice would you give to small businesses starting up today, and are there any key investments you wish you had made earlier?

Vini Ehsan: Success in small business is dependent upon your own entrepreneurial spirit, passion for the work, perseverance, integrity and leadership qualities. [With] fierce cut-throat competition in today’s marketplace, saddle-up and get ready for a bumpy ride, with many challenging ups and downs. However, strong personality traits such as hard work, creativity, vision, and positive outlook can make a huge [difference] in the competitive environment. Most times you have to give to get. But there is no science to success, it is an art, and you positively change things if you desire to do so. Key investments are time, resources, education, and compassion [because] you learn and grow each day. The advice is to make your own path [that] is inspirational. There is nothing that I would have done differently.



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